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Welcome to Cici Moss Interiors!
Welcome to our site- a collection of over 28 years of Cici Moss Interiors! We are thrilled you stopped by.
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A little about Cici…

Cici is best known for her passion for color and keen eye for creating stunning spaces. We like to think of these spaces as traditional with a modern twist.

Her journey began at fashion and design school in NYC. Cici then moved to Boston and founded her company in 1990. Her client base grew quickly in the Northeast, as she designed for clients in Boston, surrounding Boston areas, New York, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, and Fishers Island just to name a few. In 2006 Cici expanded her business through her move to Charleston. This move allowed Cici to gain a network of connections that have assisted in the unprecedented growth of her business in the Southeast. Now based out of Charlotte, NC, Cici can confidently say her clients continue to span the entirety of the east coast!

We look forward to talking to you more. Feel free to stop by our ‘Contact Us’ page so we can learn a bit more about your upcoming project!

“North Carolina is an amazing place to work as a designer. Our resources, furniture, fabrics, craftsmen and customers are, bar none, some of the best products and the most talented and kind folks we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!”

- Cici Moss


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